5 Best Online Stores in Nigeria to Buy Mobile Phones

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Today I am going to share to you 5 Best Online Stores in Nigeria to Buy Mobile Phones. These are website designed to sell phones easily.Payments are completed on the,both buying and selling. All transactions are processed online. You will receive a receipt with an order number in order to track the shipment of the items you ordered.

5 List of Online Stores in Nigeria to Buy Mobile Phones:

SLOT NG: Slot NG is a popular phone online store in Nigeria. Their mobile phones are affordable and also they allow phone swapping. They also have physical branches almost every city in Nigeria.They are also fast in delivery. They have hot line numbers



JUMIA: Jumia is another interesting online store that sells both electronics and mobile phones etc.It is an online store that is tested and trusted. Jumia has a solid return policy. It means you can return items with in 7 days of purchase. Just type any mobile phone on the search button.

Konga: Konga is as popular and large as Jumia, and their business concepts are very identical. However, in terms of popularity. It is an online market place, one of the benefits of using Konga is that you can compare costs. Konga has many items such as phone accessories,mobile phone,electronics etc.

JIJI NG: Jiji is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell cell phones. On Jiji, you can purchase or sell. They sell mobile phones, electronics, computers, and automobiles, among other things. One downside is that you must use caution when purchasing via Jiji.

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3C Hub: 3C hub is similar to Slot NG. If you’ve been looking for cheap phones, 3C Hub is the place to be. You can get mobile phones at N16,000 online. They regularly have most recent phones. They are one of the best online phone store in Nigeria. They also have physical store in every part of Nigeria.

I hope you have known the 5 Best Online Stores in Nigeria to Buy Mobile Phones.

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