Keyamo: Nothing has changed as a result of the malpractice in Rivers State.

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For the avoidance of doubt, Bola Ahmed Tinubu @officialABAT of the APC beat Peter Obi of LP by a margin of 2,693,193 votes.

So, let me educate the unlearned fellows as to how electoral jurisprudence works so that no one deceives them: If you allege electoral malpractice in just ONE STATE and you do 100 TV documentaries on it, it cannot and will not upturn the overall result of the election in the event that when you subtract or add the result of that ONE STATE to the overall tally, the margin between both candidates will still not be obliterated.

Whilst I am not commenting on any particular Petition pending in court now, I just want to say that the entire result of an election cannot be cancelled due to any alleged malpractice if that malpractice does not SUBSTANTIALLY affect the declared result.

In addition, the type of evidence that may be admissible in court to prove over voting may be substantially different from what is put together to make fanciful documentaries that make the eyes of viewers pop out. So, just sit back and be entertained by documentaries

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